President & CEO; The Note Company

Tobias Preston

Tobias Preston is the President of The Note Company. He has spent his career working in Real Estate companies in both the US and International markets. He has owns his brokerage company and has grown other companies as well, during this long tenure. His expertise in business development, marketing and his skills in strategy and management allow him to successfully lead and manage many companies. Besides finance, his oldest business, in Alaska, is harvesting wild Sockeye salmon out of Prince William Sound, which began in 1977.

Tobias James Preston brings to The Note Company a wealth of experience which includes; an entrepreneurial spirit for organizational development, strategic planning, managing investor relationships, developing Marketing and Sales teams, client fulfillment and more. He holds a BA from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and has been a member of several volunteer organizations, including Lion’s Club and Rotary International.

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