Tobias Preston

Bare International President Tobias Preston Explains His Strategy to Improve Marketing and Sales for Clients

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Tobias James Preston

By focusing on building a robust infrastructure, through team building, and focused marketing strategies for each business is set up for ultimate success.

Founded in 2018, Bare International’s goal is simple; to be an incredibly convenient purveyor, providing world class customer service, while leveraging a combined 100 years of experience in small business and corporate management. The President of Bare International, Tobias Preston, has spent his career working in Real Estate companies in both the US and International markets. His expertise in business development and marketing and his skills in strategy and management have allowed him to successfully lead and manage many companies.

Sales and Marketing are two pillars that every company needs to truly succeed”, explained Tobias James Preston. “Bare International exists to make this a reality for businesses everywhere.” Used often by pioneer company Hubspot, smarketing clearly aligns the goals of companies sales and marketing departments through impeccable communication.

“In 2018, businesses more than ever need to have measurable goals that each department agrees on, so everyone can work in sync.” – Tobias Preston

Having spent years in real estate both locally and internationally, Tobias knows first hand the importance of dual teams working together and just how much success it can yield for businesses.

Smarketing is a lot like salmon fishing; you have to know where to be at the right time, and when you get there, you have to know how to get the most out of the opportunity. Timing, skill, and opportunity all have to come together to result in a product of the highest possible quality,” explained Tobias. “Business doesn’t have to start over, to be seeing immediate results through robust engagement initiatives in sales and marketing.

Through the process of constant integration, sales and marketing teams can rejuvenate companies that have dipped below expectations. The goal is for sales and marketing to have a common integrated approach to increase efficiency and outcomes. This kind of integration, in any business, calls for advanced teamwork and communication, both in terms of processes and workflow, that results in the most efficient organizations possible.

Whether businesses are starting from square one, or rethinking marketing and sales, Bare International is a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience when it comes to teaching sales and marketing teams how to operate in sync, creating better ROI’s, employee morale, and leading companies to glowing results quarter after quarter.

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